Rin (Rin りん)is a reccurring Mii that first appeared in Wii Sports). She is mainly more of a supporter than a competitor as seen in most Wii Sports Resort games (example:Cycling).


Rin is first seen in Wii Sports. However, she is rarely seen in Wii Sports, and the only games she participated in are Tennis (as an ally wearing white for tennis, Skill Level:around 88-97) and baseball (wearing blue, Skill Level:around 90-100). She is basically a minor character in Wii Sports, but plays a more major role in Wii Sports Resort, participating more sports such as Swordplay and Table Tennis (Skill Level in Swordplay and Table Tennis is around 2000). In Swordplay Duel, her level is 1461, and she parries very fast, although she sometimes will stand unguarded--maybe because of her humble nature. She is a supporter (if you played tennis with her by her side, you'll notice she is on your side mostly) for the player and cheers for him or her in cycling (sometimes she participates in cycling, however, she is not that fast, proving she only likes to ride bikes for leisure) or the other games in Wii Sports Resort (if she is a supporter for the player in Wii Sports in still unknown). She doesn't make an appearance in Wii Play (although, this is uncertain), but she does make an appearance in Wii Play:Motion as a supporter for the player (example:Wind Runner). She also plays a major role for Wii Party, as she makes an appearance on the cover for the Wii Party disc running on a part of a board game as well as an expert (proving she loves to have fun and is a skillful player). She, however, does not make an appearance in Wii Music (although uncertain as well).


Rin has black short hair, white (like Snow White's skin tone, although, Asian), wears blue tops mostly (although, rarely, she is seen wearing white clothing for tennis), and her pants and shoes vary along with the Wii games.


Rin seems to be of Japanese descent and her name is Japanese means either "cold", "dignified", or "severe".


Although Miis do rarely tend to show their true feelings in the Wii games, it could be Miis do have personalities. Rin seems like a gentle, warmhearted, wisened Mii girl, as she mainly cheers for the player in Wii Play Motion and Wii Sports Resort and plays with the player in Tennis in Wii Sports (rarely).