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Rio (Wii)
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Rio is a 2011 Wii Game, based on the 2011 20th Century Fox film, Rio. In North America, it was released on April 12, while in Europe, it was released on April 8, while in Australia, it was released on April 7.


Players can choose five types of characters, like Blu, Jewel, Eva, Rafael, Pedro and Nico in the game. Players go through many mini-games in the series. Mini-games are part of Story Mode and they must complete to access other mini-games. Once a mini-game is completed, they play another mini-game. They must beat their opponents when they play a mini-game. They play the mini-games which are from Moose Lake, The City, The Beach, The Jungle, The Smugglers Den and the Carnaval.


Nigel appears as an obstacle a bird must avoid.

Marmosets appear as targets.

Mauro appears as a background character on a loading screen.

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