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List of rock-type Pokémon

Pokémon Information
PKMN074 Geodude
PKMN075 Graveler
PKMN076 Golem
PKMN095 Onix
PKMN111 Rhyhorn
PKMN112 Rhydon
PKMN138 Omanyte
PKMN139 Omastar
PKMN140 Kabuto
PKMN141 Kabutops
PKMN142 Aerodactyl
PKMN185 Sudowoodo
PKMN213 Shuckle
PKMN219 Magcargo
PKMN222 Corsola
PKMN246 Larvitar
PKMN247 Pupitar
PKMN248 Tyranitar
PKMN299 Nosepass
PKMN304 Aron
PKMN305 Lairon
PKMN306 Aggron
PKMN337 Lunatone
PKMN338 Solrock
PKMN345 Lileep
PKMN346 Cradily
PKMN347 Anorith
PKMN348 Armaldo
PKMN369 Relicanth
PKMN377 Regirock
PKMN408 Cranidos
PKMN409 Rampardos
PKMN410 Shieldon
PKMN411 Bastiodon
PKMN438 Bonsly
PKMN464 Rhyperior
PKMN476 Probopass
PKMN524 Roggenrola
PKMN525 Boldore
PKMN526 Gigalith
PKMN557 Dwebble
PKMN558 Crustle
PKMN564 Tirtouga
PKMN565 Carracosta
PKMN566 Archen
PKMN567 Archeops
PKMN639 Terrakion

List of rock-type moves

Name Type Category Contest PP Power Accuracy Generation
Rock ThrowRockPhysicalTough155090%First
Rock SlideRockPhysicalTough107590%First
Rock TombRockPhysicalSmart105080%Third
Rock BlastRockPhysicalTough102590%Third
Rock PolishRockStatusTough20Fourth
Power GemRockSpecialBeauty2070100%Fourth
Rock WreckerRockPhysicalTough515090%Fourth
Stone EdgeRockPhysicalTough510080%Fourth
Stealth RockRockStatusCool20Fourth
Head SmashRockPhysicalTough515080%Fourth
Wide GuardRockStatus???10Fifth
Smack DownRockPhysical???1550100%Fifth

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