A role-playing game is a video game genre that is heavily influenced by traditional role-playing games. Role-playing games, typically shortened to RPGs, normally feature many playable characters who over the course of the game become more powerful. Their statistics will usually increase overtime as the player continually thwarts opposing forces. Following this they'll gain experience, and over time their levels will gradually start to increase. Role-playing games will commonly feature immersive worlds that have a well-thought out history.

Many modern games infuse role-playing elements into their games that aren't exactly considered part of the genre. For example, an action heavy title may include statistics that increase over time. Another may have the player gaining more abilities or increasing the amount of ammo they are capable of having (i.e. Metroid). Today, role-playing games are among the most popular video game genres.


While this cannot be said about all games within the genre, most RPGs feature groups of player characters, with one prominent protagonist. They all have a similar goal, which not unusually is saving the world. Over the time of their quest they'll battle many enemies, solve puzzles and traverse through dungeons. When one member of a group is dispatched in battle, another can usually revive him by using special potions, though this is not always the case.


The setting for RPGs is very diverse. Most, however, take place in a Tolkien-inspired, medieval world. Games like Final Fantasy take place in a variety of different settings - some take place in a classic European setting while another may take place in an advanced civilization with machines.


The gameplay of RPGs are perhaps the most diverse of any genre. There are many different types of RPGs. For example, the most common will have the opposing sides take turns battling, carefully selecting the moves they want to perform when it's their turn. Action RPGs, which have become increasingly popular over the years, abandons taking turns and will have the player simply leveling up by fighting as he would in any other action video game. Some action RPGs have an gauge that empties once a player attacks. The player can still move about, though he'll have to wait until the gauge has filled once more until he can attack once again. In tactical RPGs the player moves an army on a grid and attacks accordingly.

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