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Rui Yamase
Rui Yamase (Lux-Pain)
Rui Yamase's artwork from Lux-Pain
Species Human, Telepath
First game Lux-Pain
Voiced by (English) Brina Palencia
Voiced by (Japanese) Nazuka Kaori
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Rui Yamase is a main character in Lux-Pain. She is a junior at Kisaragi High School, and a telepath with the ability to see peoples' past and future by touching them. She also runs a fortune telling business. She is the younger sister of Yui Yamase.



Rui Y.
Age: 17
Height: 160cm
Weight: 40kg
Family: Mother/sister
Address: Area7 Company F

1: A junior at Kisaragi High School and Atsuki's classmate. Her smile and humorous acts make her adored by all her friends.

2: She's delved into Atsuki's mind very well. A very talented telepath. PICUS may need to examine her. A very cute and stylish girl.

3: A pretty moody person, but comes off as pretty happy. A ploy to hide her true weakness. She must be careful not to let her gift consume her.

4: She's finally cheered up, but she drinks too much tea. A bit concerned about her fluid consumption. Her tummy's probably puffy due to tea abuse.

5: Seems to take Tai-Chi as a hobby. Drinking that much tea and doing Tai-Chi does make sense. She gets stares when she goes with her sister to work.

6: Maybe due to over working, she sees the futures of her clients in her dreams. It's OK to help people out, but she needs a break!

7: Though only for a few days, she is sad over the loss of her little roomie. Wonder what they did...? Perhaps bathe together...? Hmm...

8: Can't express her feelings toward Atsuki. Her feelings grew stronger towards Atsuki because of being with his child form. Loves Atsuki.

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Hello!☆ Nice to meet you! I'm a fortune teller.
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