Rusty's Real Deal Baseball
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Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS platform icon
Genre(s) Minigame collection

03ESRB - E  01CERO A 

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Rusty's Real Deal Baseball (JP) is a download free to play Nintendo 3DS eShop title.


The game stars the player as his Mii when he discovers Rusty, a retired dog baseball player, operating a sports' shop. However, things haven't been going well for Rusty. With all the kids playing video games, his baseball goods haven't been selling well so, Rusty bought a bunch of sports games and Nontendo 4DS's. These haven't been selling well either so, his wife left him, leaving him to take care of his 10 identical children. The player buys certain games to proceed in the plot.


There are two major elements to the game, the minigames and the bargaining with Rusty. Each of the minigames consists of 50 challenges and two Hi-Score Derbies. After Bat & Switch, the required minigames can be purchased in any order


Each minigame must be purchased with real money and can be bought at face value for $4. However, the player can talk him down to get the price to $2 or less. There are only a few essential games which are distinguished in that talking with Rusty is the way to get the game's price down. These games contribute to the game's plot. Each negotiation starts by offering a donut. These negotiations often also require objects each from playing games.

The other games are brought down in price by using discount tickets also found by playing the games. There are 6 different kinds of tickets in limited amounts. They are Half Off, 25% off, 10% off, $1.00 off, $.50 off and $.30 off.

If you bargain everything down, the entire game can be bought for $16.

Bat & Switch

The main focus of this game is using the bat and manipulating it to hit the ball to your advantage. The challenges consist of 5 levels of the following; basic hitting, tricky throws, multiple pitchers, hitting fastballs, and taking out UFOs. The second set of challenges incorporates multiple of this aspect and tighter restrictions.

This is the only game you can get a demo out of (with just the first 6 Challenges); once you buy the full version for $4.00 or $2.00 after haggling with Rusty, the demo will be replaced with the full version.

Gear Games

Volley Bats

Cage Match

Feel the Glove

Feel the Glove has the player play the various role of the fielder from catching pop flies to getting to a grounder.

The Aim Game

Drop & Pop

Make the Call

Make the Call has the player play as the umpire and call the pitches.

Bat Master