Ryo Unami
Ryo Unami (Lux-Pain)
Ryo Unami's artwork from Lux-Pain
First game Lux-Pain
Species Human
Voiced by (English) Todd Haberkorn
Voiced by (Japanese) Naoki Koshida
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Ryo Unami is a main character in Lux-Pain. He is a junior at Kisaragi High School, and runs an antique book store in Tohodo.



Ryo U.
Age: 17
Height: 168cm
Weight: 62kg
Family: Parents/sister
Address: Area7 Tohodo

1: A junior at Kisaragi High School and Atsuki's classmate. A calm kid, he works in the bookstore Tohodo nextdoor to Atsuki's house.

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Nice to meet you. Please visit my shop Tohodo any time!
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