Ryota Hayami

Series Wave Race
First game Wave Race 64
Species Human
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Ryota Hayami is a character from the Wave Race franchise, first appearing in the Nintendo 64 video game Wave Race 64.


Wave Race 64

Ryota Hayami first appeared in Wave Race 64, where he could arguably be considered the "main character" due to being the first choice and the "all-around" character who doesn't have any particularly noteworthy strengths or downsides. In the game he's eighteen years old and from Japan. He sports a helmet and goggles. His two costumes consist of (1) a green and blue jacket and (2) a red and yellow jacket.

Wave Race: Blue Storm

Ryota Hayami also appeared in the GameCube launch title Wave Race: Blue Storm, developed by Seattle based Nintendo Software Technology Corporation. In the game he got rid of his goggles and his helmet in order to gain more recognition. As before he's the most balanced character in the game, and is suggested to newcomers. In Blue Storm his crew chief is Jack.

Other appearances

Trophy information

From Super Smash Bros. Melee.

"An 18-year-old Wave Race competitor from Japan. While he doesn't appear to have one outstanding trait, his acceleration, top speed, and maneuverability are quite well balanced. In Wave Race: Blue Storm, he's done away with his helmet and goggles in an attempt to make his face more recognizable across the world."