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Series Red Steel
First game Red Steel
Species Human
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Ryuichi is a character in Red Steel. At first, he seems to be a friend, but eventually turns on the main character and reveals himself to be an enemy and a member of the Yakuza, a Japanese crime syndicate. He also has a mistress named Angel in Los Angeles, California.


Act 1: Sato's Legacy

While Isao Sato, his daughter Miyu and her fiancee Scott Monroe are at the Overlook Hotel in Los Angeles, California, a gang of thugs disguised as hotel staff attack them. Scott was knocked unconscious and Sato had his friend Ryuichi escort Miyu to his personal suite to keep her safe.

When Scott and Sato finally reach the suite, Ryuichi explains that he has cars waiting in the garage. They fight their way to the lower levels of the garage under the Hotel to make their escape. But when they get there, Ryuichi turns on them and attempts to kidnap Sato and Miyu. Scott manages to stop one car and rescue Sato, but Ryuichi is able to escape with Miyu.

Ryuichi takes Miyu to an auto body shop in South Los Angeles called Xtreme Wheels, where he's using the garage as a front for shipping weapons to Japan. Soon, Scott finds him there, so Ryuichi escapes the shop on a truck, dragging Miyu with him.

They end up at an airport where Ryuichi plans to transport Miyu and the weapons to Tokyo. When they find out Scott is there, Ryuichi fights him and injures him. Ryuichi leaves Scott alive to give Sato a message: give him the Katana Giri or he'll never see Miyu again. Leaving Scott injured at the airport, the plane takes off, headed for Tokyo.

Act 2: The Path of the Katana Giri

Scott Monroe again catches up with Ryuichi at the dock of the Sato Incorporated Waste Processing Plant.

Ryuichi was trying to escape the plant in a helicopter with a captive, a man named Akira Matsubara. Scott defeats Ryuichi in a sword fight and Ryuichi tells him that Miyu Sato was taken to a man named Tokai. Immediately afterward, Ryuichi is shot and killed by a sniper.