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Secure Digital Kingston (512MB)

A 512 Megabyte Kingston SD Card.

Secure Digital (SD) is a flash memory (non-volatile) memory card format used in the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo DSi XL for data storage. A 2 GB Toshiba SD card comes equipped with every Nintendo 3DS.



  • Stores additional downloads from the Wii Virtual Console library.
  • In the Photo Channel, you can insert a SD card from a camera, you can do various things, including puzzle games with video, slideshows with any photos, etc.
  • Store your Wii saved game data
  • Play MP3s in Excite Truck

Nintendo DSi/3DS

  • Stores photos taken from the DSi camera.
  • "Play" with music in the AAC format (MP3 included in 3DS).

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