The SF-1 TV (also known as the Sharp Science Fiction-1 or Sharp SNES TV) was Sharp developed TV set with a built-in licenced Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Like it's predecessor, the Sharp Nintendo Television, it was known to have better picture quality next to the SNES system it self. Unlike it's predecessor though, it was only released in Japan. Additional functions were added as a remote so that the SNES portion of the unit can be reset by simultaneously pressing two buttons. Additionally, the remote control could be used to record button gameplay on the VCR. All audio signals are delivered in mono. Unlike Sharp's earlier C1 NES TV, AV output terminals were made readily accessible on the SF-1's extended terminal which allowed connection to later peripherals such as the Satellaview. The C1 had been notably unable to connect to the FDS peripheral, and the SF-1's design was intended to alleviate this problem. To use the extended terminal, the Satellaview's AV output terminal would attach obliquely upward on the back of the Super Nintendo portion of the console.

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