Sand Cabana - If no one's here, be prepared to wait for a loooong time.

―Sign, Super Mario Sunshine

The 'Sand Cabana is a hut in Super Mario Sunshine, found on Gelato Beach. It is owned by a looker Pianta. To the right of it a Hover Nozzle box, and to the left is the Sunglasses Vendor. This hut seems to be closed most of the time; and example is in Episode 4, where a dark-orange Pianta states that the hut is closed for Family Play Time. Inside it is three fruit: a pineapple, a papaya, and a banana. Mario will have to spray them off first to pick them up.

The only time this hut is ever payed attention to is in Episode 6 for most of the time. Mario must give one of the various fruits to Yoshi so he can hatch. Mostly, Yoshi will request a fruit from the Sand Cabana. Once Yoshi has hatched, Mario can use him to the spray the orange spongy Graffiti and spray the dune bud under it to collect a Blue Coin, and also defeat the beehive and the bees residing in it to collect another Blue Coin.