Sasuke (also known as Sasuka) is one of the playable characters in the Famicom video game Joy Mecha Fight. The character is purple and has two claws instead of hands. While Sasuke has no projectile attack, close combat is his speciality with far reaching offensive moves. According to Sasuke, he's good at using ninja tactics. He was one of the robots that Little Ermin built and Ivan Warner stole. Little Ermin programmed his robot Sukapon to take down Sasuke and numerous other robots that Warner reprogrammed to cause destruction.


  • Punch: 9Pow
  • Kick: 3Pow
  • Jump Kick: 7Pow
  • Good Punch: 10Pow
  • Jump Punch: 7Pow
  • Leg Sweep: 7Pow
  • Arial Toss: 14Pow
  • Sliding: 10Pow
  • Kagidume: 10Pow
  • Tomoe Toss: 12Pow