Sato Incorporated
Waste Processing Plant
Screenshot of plant exterior
First game Red Steel

Sato Incorporated Waste Processing Plant is a location in Red Steel. It's a place where Ryuichi likes to hide out.


Having been sent to the waste processing plant in search of Ryuichi, Scott Monroe fights his way across the island and through the processing plant to finally catch up with Ryuichi at the dock.

There, he finds Ryuichi trying to escape the plant in a helicopter with a captive, a man named Akira Matsubara. Scott defeats Ryuichi in a sword fight and Ryuichi tells him that Miyu Sato was taken to a man named Tokai. Immediately afterward, Ryuichi is shot and killed by a sniper.

Scott and Akira escape the plant in the helicopter. Akira explains he was a friend to Isao Sato and that they should work together to find out what is happening.