Satoru Okada
Satoru Okada-0
Born January 10, 1947
Kyoto, Japan
Company Nintendo (1969-2010)
University Kansai University
Current Position Former General Manager of RED
First game Wild Gunman
Latest game Machop at Work / Kingler's Day

Satoru Okada is a former Nintendo engineer who was the general manager of the Research and Engineering Department.

Okada joined Nintendo on March 1969, where he worked on the R&D1 department under Gunpei Yokoi. He was in charge of engineering various systems such as the Game & Watch line, the NES Zapper and the SNES Mouse, as well as directing various games like Metroid, Kid Icarus, and Super Mario Land.

He also acted as the project manager of most of Nintendo's portable systems, including the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS lines.

He retired in January 2010.

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