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Seaside Town

Seaside Town is a coastal, resort village found in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. The town was conquered by the mechanical Yaridovich during the events of the game. Besides locking up the Seaside citizens in a large shed, Yaridovich also disguised himself as the town's entire population. The mechanical creature used this elaborate ruse to trick Mario into acquiring a Star Piece for the "Town Elder."

Seaside Town has more shops than any other village in SMRPG, and houses a company known as "Beetles Are Us." At Beetles Are Us, Mario can buy a Beetle Box from the resident Snifit and can then catch beetles at Booster Hill for Coins. Additionally, there is a boy from Rose Town who will taste Mario's Mushrooms, and will give Mario a special item if the Mushrooms are of a rare variety. Frogfucius' Student lives here as well, and will trade special accessories for Frog Coins. Seaside Town contains only three buildings that are not shops: the Town Elder's house, the Inn, and the large shed.

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