Sebastian Tute

Sebastian Tute holding a violin

Sebastian Tute is a character from the Wii series, that made his first, and so far only appearance, in Wii Music as the host. he is also the father of Peter, Bob, and J.J., Father-in-law of Susie and Pandora, and grandfather of Pedro (Peter and Pandora's son/only child), and Natalie and Woopy (Bob and Susie's children).

He first appears in the game when the player takes his/her first look at the game. He will teach the player how to play basic instruments such as the piano, the guitar, the violin and the trumpet. At the end of his introduction lesson, the player will also get to play "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" with the band known as The Tutes.

He will appear a lot later on in the game, teaching the player how to play certain modes, congratulating the player when he/she has accomplished something, and doing much more.If you look at the "bubble town square" stage on the game there is a statue of him spewing bubbles. Therefore he seems to be the tute's leader.

Since he teaches music, he has a hair style very similar to that of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He also resembles as a muppet like character, who always carries a certain instrument around when he's talking. He talks in a high pitched voice in a gibberish language. The only way the player can understand what he's saying is by reading the word bubble that comes out of the side of his head while he's talking, that shows what he's saying in a proper language, just like some of the other Wii series characters.

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