The Secret Safe is a ship part in Pikmin for the Nintendo GameCube. No matter what this is the thirtyith, last ship part Olimar gets, unless you can't reach it in the thirty day mark. This is found in Emperor Bulblax, the last boss in the game. As Olimar states "This is as full as ever!", and it takes forty Pikmin to carry. Olimar states " Finally the last ship part. Now I can return to my home planet Hocotate!" This is one of the five ship parts not needed to leave the Distant Planet.


Olimar's notes

"At long last... I have found the final part... my secret safe! And it is as full as ever! How glad I am that I've persisted in my search without losing hope... Now I can leave this planet without any regrets. Maybe I'll even stop to pick up souvenirs for my wife and kids on Hocotate!"

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