Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Mario and Yoshi series
Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach and Bowser are among the playable characters.

Mario's standard special attack is a fire ball, which is a common ability in the Mario series. His side special move will make him attack with his cape, which appeared in Super Mario World. Finally, his down special move will bring out FLUDD from Super Mario Sunshine. At the beginning of a fight, he'll come out of a pipe, which he'll often do in most games in the series.

Yoshi performs many moves from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, including his egg toss and Yoshi Bomb move. Egg lay originatet from Super Mario World, though was perfected in Yoshi's Island. His final smash, Super Dragon, is a reference to Yoshi's special moves from Super Mario World. When he enters the stage, he'll come out of a Yoshi Egg.

Princess Peach's down b move, vegetable, is a reference to Super Mario Bros. 2, where you could pull vegetables out of the ground. Her standard b move will bring out Toad, a common character in the Mario series. Her up b move, Peach Parasol, is when she'll take out her parasol from Super Paper Mario (in design). It should also be noted that her smash attacks include her using weapons such as a golf club (Mario Golf'), a tennis racket (Mario Tennis), and a frying pan (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars).

Bowser's attacks are mainly made up, though his fire breath is a reference of how he can blow fire from his mouth.

Mario and Yoshi related stages include Delfino Plaza, Yoshi's Island, and Mario Circuit. Delfino Plaza is the overworld of Super Mario Sunshine, and includes many elements from that game. Yoshi's Island stage is from the game of the same name, and, like the game, is quite jolly. The Mario Circuit stage seems to be from the Mario Kart series.

On the Yoshi's Island stage, you'll see Fly Guys, Support Ghosts, Chomps and Goonies, and on the Mario Kart stage you'll see Shy Guys.

Items from the Mario series include the Golden Hammer, Metal Box, Super and Poison Mushroom, Fire Flower and Bob-ombs are all in the game. So far, Hammer Bros. and a sprite Lakitu and Spiny have been announced as Assist Trophy characters.

Petey Piranha is the first boss in the game.

Confirmed Mario series trophies include one of the Golden Hammer, Princess Peach and Petey Piranha. Mario related stickers include Rawk Hawk (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door), Pak E. Derm (Yoshi's Story), a star, a Mario Party Block, a Toad, a Hammer Brother, Wario's artwork from Super Mario Strikers, Donkey Kong's artwork from Mario Superstar Baseball, a Pianta, and Wario's kart artwork from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

Also take note that when Kirby (from the Kirby series) performs his down B move, he'll sometimes transform into a Thwomp from the Mario series, notably Super Mario 64

The Legend of Zelda series
Link and Princess Zelda are playable characters.

Link's standard special move is Hero's Bow, which came from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. His side special move is the Gale Boomerang, which also game from Twilight Princess. His up special move is a spin attack, which he is able to perform in most of the Zelda games. His down special move will bring out his bombs, which are a common weapon for him in the games. When he attacks the final smash ball, a two triforces will surround an opponent.

Princess Zelda's attacks are mostly made up, though so far two of them are named after The Legend of Zelda goddesses - Din's fire and Farore's wind.

So far the only Zelda inspired stage is the Bridge of Eldin from Twilight Princess. Occassionally you'll have encounters with King Bulblin and Lord Bullbo, as well as other Zelda enemies.

Currently the only Zelda themed item is the Heart Container from the series. The Legend of Zelda trophies include one of Link, Ooccoo and cell-shaded Tingle. So far only one Zelda themed sticker has been revealed, that being one of Lon Lon Milk.

When Kirby sucks in Zelda, he'll put on Zelda's specific clothes from Ocarina of Time's Zelda as a child.

Metroid series
Samus Aran and Zero Suit Samus are playable characters, though essentially are the same person.

Samus Aran is capable of performing many of her abilities from the Metroid series including missiles, turning into a morph ball and laying bombs, screw attack and her charge beam.

Norfair is a stage in the game that includes molten hot lava, just as the area in the games did.

Currently, a Metroid is the only confirmed Metroid series assist trophy.

Currently, the only shown trophies are Samus Aran and Fusion Suit Samus, the latter also being an alternate costume for Samus Aran.

Pokémon series
Pikachu and a Pokémon Trainer are playable characters. The latter character can send out Ivysaur, Squirtle and Charizard, three popular Pokémon from the first generation.

Pikachu is capable of performing multiple electric type attacks. The Pokémon Trainer's Pokémon can also perform attacks from the series -

  • Squirtle can do Waterfall and Withdraw.
  • Ivysaur can do Bullet Seed and Vine Whip.
  • Charizard can do Flamethrower and Rock Smash.

For the Pokémon Trainer's final smash, all three of the Pokémon will join to perform an attack together that consists of Hydro Pump, SolarBeam and Fire Blast. When this occurs, a template will be shown that says "It's super effective!", a popular saying in the Pokémon series.

Currently the only Pokémon themed stage is Pokémon Stadium 2, an updated form of the Melee stage known as Pokémon Stadium. The name is obviously a reference to the game of the same name. Various Pokémon will make cameo appearances here including (but currently not limited to) Dugtrio and Cubone.

Rayquaza has been shown in to be in the adventure mode of the game, though it's unknown if it's a boss or not.

The Poké Ball is an item and will summon various Pokémon including -

  • Generation 1: Goldeen, Snorlax, Meowth, Staryu, and Electrode.
  • Generation 2: Chikorita and Entei.
  • Generation 3: Groudon, Deoxys, Kyogre, Torchic, Gardevoir and Latios.
  • Generation 4: Piplup, Munchlax, and Bonsley.

So far, confirmed Pokémon trophies are a Pikachu, the Pokémon Trainer without his three Pokémon and a Poké Ball.

Star Fox series
Fox McCloud is a playable character in the game.

Fox's moves basically were created for the game. His reflector move has been considered by some to be a humanoid form of the barrel role, seeing that it completely reflects enemy fire. It should also be noted that the blue rings of the reflector resemble that of a shield ring. Fox's final smash is Landmaster where he summons a Landmaster (from the series) and blasts all of the enemies.

The Lylat Cruise is a stage in the game that shows Arwings flying in the background.

The Smart Bomb from the Star Fox series is a new item, and much like the item from the series will blow up and cover most of the stage. The poylgon version of Andross is an Assist Trophy, and will likewise shoot out blocks from his mouth.

Kirby series
Kirby, Meta Knight and King Dedede are playable characters.

Kirby is capable of floating in the air, though only for a short time. In most of the Kirby games, he was able to do so forever, excluding Kirby 64. In Kirby's Adventure, Kirby would be able to wield a hammer if he sucked in a Bonker. With the hammer he could swing in the air and use it and just swing it on the ground. In Melee, he's once again able to do so. Two of the character's down special moves transform him into an item from the series including a rock and a several ton block. In Adventure it would be an 8 ton block, though this time around its 10 tons.

In the games, Kirby would be able to grab an enemy, bring him far up into the air and smash it down onto the stage. He'd also be able to grab an enemy and rapidly kick him. He's able to perform both of these attacks in this game. His side special attack will cause him to turn into a fire ball and travel across the stage, as he did in the series. Finally, his up special attack will cause him to bring out a sword, jump super high and crash the stage, which once again spawned from the series.

Donkey Kong series
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are playable characters.

Donkey Kong's down-special move originates from Donkey Kong Country, though in DKC you weren't capable of performing the move continuously as you are in Brawl. His punching moves appear to originate from Donkey Kong 64, as does his jump punch move. In DKC, Donkey Kong is able to carry barrels around over his head and move around with them. In this game, he's able to carry his opponents over his head and move around with them. In the Smash games, Donkey Kong cand duck, where he'll cover his head with his hands, and every so often look around, just as he does in Country.

Diddy Kong's standard move is Peanut Popgun, a weapon that first appeared in Donkey Kong 64, where Diddy could buy one from Funky Kong. His up-special move will cause him to bring out his Rocketbarrel, which will shoot him up in the air. He could do this in DK 64 once he drank a certain type of Cranky's potions. His final smash will make him put on a Rocketbarrel and use his peanut popguns, something he could also do in Doneky Kong 64.