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These are quotes said by Shadow the Hedgehog (character).


  • "I am the Ultimate Life Form!"
  • "Chaos.... CONTROL!"
  • "Chaos....BLAST!"
  • "Chaos.... SPEAR!"
  • "I promise you...REVENGE!" - Shadow promising Maria revenge on the humans
  • "You're going straight to Hell!" - Shadow confronting Eggman
  • "How pathetic." - Shadow facing the police
  • "Anyone who gets in my way is my enemy"
  • "You again" Shadow greetings Sonic
  • "You best try your hardest..or else you'll get hurt" - Shadow before fighting Emerl
  • "RRRGH! Death to all who oppose ME!
  • "RRRGH! Behold my ultimate power!"
  • "Shhhhh!" - Shadow shushing at Sonic sleeping
  • I'm So Sleepy! Yaaaaaawn (Falls Asleep) ZzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzZzzzzz - Shadow Is Fall Into Deep Sleep

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