Sheargrub male
Sheargrub female
Sheargrub is an enemy found in Pikmin and Pikmin 2 for Nintendo GameCube and New Play Control! for Wii. Both Sheargrubs are the weakest enemies in the game that can be killed in one hit with a Purple Pikmin. Both of them are tied with Shearwig and Wogpoles. Both, the Sheargrub and Shearwig are apart of the Mandiblard family. Sheargrubs have reappeared in Pikmin 3.

Female Sheargrub

Main article: Female Sheargrub

Female Sheargrub is a white Sheargrub enemy in all Pikmin games. It cannot kill Pikmin and can destroy bridges. There is a similar enemy called a Ravenous Whiskerpillar, which munches like it, but eats berries.

Male Sheargrub

Main article: Male Sheargrub

Male Sheargrub is a purple Sheargrub enemy in both Pikmin games. It still can kill Pikmin, along with the Shearwig. There is a similar enemy called the Shearwig, but it flies.


  • In Pikmin, the Male Sheargrub can eat the Pikmin. Even if you attack it and the Sheargrub is out of health, the Pikmin will die. You can throw any Pikmin on its back, and it will spit them out. The Shearwig also does this.

Similar enemies

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