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Series Pikmin
First game Pikmin 1
Created by Nintendo
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A Shearwig are among the weakest enemies in the Pikmin series, though notably stronger in Pikmin. They burrow under the ground like other Mandiblards, emerging only when Pikmin are near. They are also able to fly if in danger, which replenishes health, and they take damage steadily in water. Bridges are eaten by Shearwigs (as well as Sheargrubs, both male and female, and Cloaking Burrow-nits) on days after they have been built in some places.

They can eat only one Pikmin at a time, and take quite a while to kill it. The easiest way to defeat Shearwigs is to swarm them with Pikmin; if they fly, a singly accurate throw kills them instantly. In the first game, there is a glitch where members of this species are invulnerable after swallowing a Pikmin and before killing it, which renders the time - which with any other beast could be used to kill it and save the Pikmin - useless.


Reel notes

"The males of this species are able to fly, but the females remain underground."

Olimar's Notes

"Unusual for their genus, flying mandiblards have retained their wings. However, only the adult males of this species can fly. Females of this species spend most of their life span underground. They do emerge for a period after maturation to spawn, but never metamorphose."

Louie's Notes

"Grate this beast into a zest and whisk with sugar, cream, and chopped dark chocolate for a lusciously indulgent mousse that's a true culinary coup de grace!"

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