Mario Bros. jump on Shellcreeper

Mario about to jump on a shellcreeper in Mario Bros.
Series Mario series
First game Mario Bros.
Species Koopa
Year Created 1983
Created by Nintendo R&D1
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Shellcreepers are the first enemy seen in the Mario Bros. game for arcade and the NES. They are the precursor to the Koopa Troopa Enemy. Unlike the Koopa Troopa , however, Mario cannot jump on them. He must knock them upside-down from the floor below, and then kick them to kill them.

If the player Knocks a Shellcreeper down but is unable to kick it to death in time ,then the Shellcreeper will change color get back up and travel much faster though the level. In Super Mario Bros., Shellcreepers were replaced by Koopa Troopas in later games.

After the Shellcreeper is killed a Coin will apear out of a Pipe at the top of the stage and move though the stage till it goes down a pipe at the bottom unless it is intercepted by a player. If the coin is not interceted by Mario or Luigi it will not re-apear from the pipes at the top of the Screen. It is crucial that you get as many coins as possible in order to Gain a substantial High score. This is due to the fact that the game does not have a Official ending.