Mario on one of the four pillars.

Shifting Sand Land is a level found in Super Mario 64. It is a desert based level with Egyptian themes. There is quicksand everywhere that can suck Mario in. Pokeys appear as well approaching Mario to hurt him. To get to the pyramid one would have to traverse a maze-like entity with Grindels moving around that they could crush Mario or push him into the quicksand. Many other enemies, obstacles, and even cyclones appear.


  • In The Talons Of The Big Bird. Okay, to do this see the title. Then go toward the stone casino and go towards the tox boxes. Find the safe place of the Tox Boxes and go on the nearest pillar. Wait for the bird to come close and jump when he's straight above you. The Klepto will drop the star on the sand, but be careful the second you make him drop the star, the second he will start realising he can steal your hat (ha ha I can see Mario's hair and it's all messy!! Hee hee hee!!!)!
  • Shining Atop The Pyramid. Fine the answer is (first if the bird has your'e hat GET IT BACK). Go toward the cage and you'll see a pokey (ignore it only if you're doing this for 100 COINS). Go toward the sand dume (in other words DOOM!). It will produce a tweester (it's a twister!!). use it to go on a path on the pyramid. now just go up.
  • Inside The Ancient Pyramid. as it says to go into the pyramid using the same technique as before (don't go up). you'll see a hole and you're inside the pyramid. now just go up.
  • Stand Tall On The Four Pillars. okay, I got it with just the shell. I went up one of the pillars and then I'd go back and forth just so I could open up the top of the pyramid. now do the same thing you did in Shining atop of the pyramid. you'll go in the pyramid again except you'll be in a cage and you can go in the rock thing. in there is eyerok. hit each of his eyes 3 times and he'll die and give you the power star.
  • Free Flying For 8 Red Coins
  • Pyramid Puzzle