Shinya Takahashi
Shinya Takahashi-0
Born November 9, 1963
Kyoto, Japan
Company Nintendo (since 1989)
University Kyoto City University of Arts
Current Position General Manager of EPD
First game Yūyūki
Latest game Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Shinya Takahashi is the General Manager of the Entertainment Planning & Development Division and Supervisor of the Business Development Division and Development Administration & Support Division. He was formerly one of the producers and deputy general manager of Nintendo Software Development & Design Group.


Takahashi joined Nintendo in 1989, where he worked mainly on CG graphic design on various games starting with Yūyūki. During the Nintendo 64 era he was one of the main directors of Wave Race 64 and eventually became one of the main coordinators of motion capture for the 3D models used through various games.

When Satoru Iwata reestructured Nintendo's internal teams, Takahashi was appointed as producer of Nintendo SPD, where he would be involved in numerous games of the Touch Generations line such as Brain Age. In around 2010, he was promoted to general producer and manager of SPD; he has been credited as General or Senior Producer in almost every game in which SPD was involved ever since.

In 2014, with the restructuring of R&D, Shinya Takahashi was made the general manager of Development Administration & Support Division.

In 2015, Takahashi was promoted again, now general manager of the EPD and supervisor of Business Development Division and the Development Administration & Support Division.

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