Shooting Range

Shooting Range is one of the nine games found in the Wii video game, Wii Play. It is the first game that can be played on Wii Play and thus is the only game that does not need to be unlocked. The object of the game is to pass through five stages with a gun and shoot various objects to gain points.

Stage 1

The player must shoot some balloons that are floating up to the top of the screen. The colors of the balloons could either be blue, red, or yellow.

Stage 2

The player must shoot some targets that appear in random places. There are regular targets, gold targets, that make the player earn extra points, and targets with their Mii's face on them. If these ones are shot, the player loses points.

Stage 3

The player must shoot some flying disks resembling Clay Pigeons that fly off into the horizon. The player will gain extra points if he/she shoots a flying disk while it's nearby.

Stage 4

The player must keep some cans from touching the ground by shooting them, until they are shot five times, which will cause them to explode and the player to gain 5 points.

Stage 5

The final stage. The player must save some mini versions of their Miis from being abducted by UFOs by shooting the UFOs. Every Mii that the player saves counts as 5 points. Golden UFOs yield extra points if shot down, but they are faster than regular UFOs. An easier way to earn more points on this stage is to shoot the UFOs once they capture the Miis but before they fly away.

Extra Points

The player can gain extra points by shooting some ducks that fly by throughout all the stages (a dog will bark before this happens), making this game similar to Duck Hunt. The player can also gain extra points via the following ways: shooting a gold target in Stage 2, shooting a target with the face of their opponent's Mii on it in Multiplayer in Stage 2, shooting a flying disk within close range in Stage 3, each hit on each can in Stage 4, and shooting down golden UFOs in Stage 5.


Multiplayer mode is similar to single player mode except with a couple of twists. For the target shooting stage, if one player shoots a target with the other player's Mii on it, the player that did it will gain extra points, and for the final stage, the players will give points to the other player by shooting the UFO that is carrying the opposite player's Mii. Player with the most points wins.