The shop keeper is the owner of the Festus' Shoppe in Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers. Normally, he will sell items for coins found throughout the game, but the items don't effect the main story. However, if the main character, Del Cottonwood, were to give him Aristolin's treasure that he received from Dersius, the shop keeper will offer three violins. One of which (the chipped violin) originally belonged to the dungeon keeper.

Items offered with single coin.Edit

  • beautiful brooch
  • vintage jewelry case
  • out-of-season ripe fruit
  • gauntlet
  • hand-crafted pewter cup

Items offered with Aristolin's treasure.Edit

  • violin with no strings
  • chipped violin
  • cracked violin


"Ah no, my friend! I have no need for this useless, low quality item! What's that? Well... um, then... This fine item is much too fancy for my humble shoppe. I must decline your offer!" -the shop keeper's response if you try returning an item you bought from his store.