Shrooboid Brat

The Shrooboid Brat is a large Shroob with a big lollipop in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Princess Shroob summoned him to get the heroes in the Koopaseum.


Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Meeting in the Koopaseum, Princess Shroob summoned Petey Piranha to get Princess Peach and the Shroobs kidnapped Kylie Koopa. Later when in the arena, the Shroob audience where cheering to summon the Shrooboid Brat to get the heroes. After that, the Shrooboid Brat later dies and Princess Shroob brings them underground.


The Shrooboid Brat could be difficult to beat if the heroes don't prepare. If they use Chili Peppers, this will finish the battle quickly. He'll throw the lollipops at the heroes to attack. Later, he'll vote for the audience to hold up M and L squares to feature items. If the item is on the red M square for example, it will land on Mario and Baby Mario. Sometimes, the crowd will hold reversed squares that have different colors. If the M is green, it will land on Luigi and Baby Luigi. If the babies hammer the fire flower, Baby Mario or Baby Luigi must hammer it too, unlike the Poison Mushrooms. The Shrooboid Brat will repeat the pattern again.


  • The Shrooboid Brat, unlike Junior Shrooboid and Elder Shrooboid are the only bosses that have the word Shrooboid, but he doesn't have the same body like them.
  • The Shrooboid Brat resembles the Chuboomba, who has a big lollipop.