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Shulk as seen in official artwork
First game Xenoblade Chronicles
Voiced by Shintaro Asanuma (Japan)

Adam Howden (NA & PAL)

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Shulk is the main character in the Wii Role-playing game, Xenoblade Chronicles. He is an eighteen year old Hom boy who sets off on his journey with his friends after the Mechon army attacks his village. He is also the wielder of the Monado, a special sword that can defeat Mechon and grant various powers to its user, like visions of the future.


Xenoblade Chronicles

In Xenoblade Chronicles, Shulk acts as the main protagonist, having a very smart personality combined with a very caring personality. As shown in the first few moments of the game, Shulk is able to make weapons, and enjoys doing heavy research into the Monado. 


  • Turn Strike [Talent Art]- Shulk's inital talent art, does major damage and inflicts the break status for a long time. It is replaced by Activate Monado once Shulk receives the Monado.  

Normal Arts

  • Back Slash- One of Shulk's starting arts, it deals more damage when dealt from behind, hence the name backslash. It can target only one enemy. 
  • Light Heal- The other art that Shulk starts off with, it allows Shulk to heal one ally.
  • Slit Edge- A single target attack, it can reduce the targeted enemy's physical defence if attacked from the side. 
  • Stream Edge- Shulk attacks in a fan shape in front of him, dealing damage to enemies while inflicting the status of break. 
  • Shadow Eye - Shulk reduces his aggro, and in return, it allows him to deal more damage with his next physical art. 
  • Air Slash - An attack that attacks one enemy and inflicts break. If attacked from the side, there is a chance that it may inflict the enemy with slow.
  • Shaker Edge - Damages one target, and inflicts daze on the target if it is also toppled.
  • Battle Soul - Sacrifices Shulk's HP, and will result in the talent gauge being refilled to a certain extent. 

Monado Arts

  • Activate Monado [Talent Art] [Aura]- allows Shulk to access his Monado Arts.
  • Monado Buster- A very strong attack that damages enemies in a straight line, with Mechon suffering from double damage. 
  • Monado Enchant- Allies are able to attack Mechon without the need of an Anti-Mechon weapon. Also boosts damage. 
  • Monado Shield- Casts a shield that can block an enemy's talent art, assuming that Monado Shield is leveled up properly (the enemy's talent art is either equal to or less than Monado Shield's level). Is best done when a vision of a talent art is shown. 
  • Monado Speed- Increases the evasion of one ally of choice. 
  • Monado Purge- Damages a single enemy.  Auras and Spike Effects are removed. Also inflicts Aura Seal.
  • Monado Eater- An optional Monado Art, damages all enemies in front of Shulk. Enemies' buffs are removed and inflicts bleed.
  • Monado Armour- Another optional Monado Art, reduces the damage from both Ether and Physical Arts by a certain amount. 
  • Monado Cyclone- The last Monado Art unlocked in the main storyline, all enemies around Shulk will be damaged. If any are inflicted with break, they will become toppled. 


Super Smash Bros.


Appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, Shulk appears as playable fighter wielding the Monado. Although a swordfighter, the Monado is unique in giving Shulk a variety of buffs and debuffs to his attacks. His various attacks are for the most part, delayed due to having a long start up animation but are relatively strong in return. Shulk acts as the representative of the Xenoblade series


When Shulk attacks, he does the most damage when attacking from the base of the sword, with the beam doing less damage. 

Alternate Costumes

Shulk's costumes Smash

Each of his alternate costumes represent the other party members in Xenoblade Chronicles. Starting from the right, the first is his default costume and the clothes he has when Xenoblade Chronicles starts. The second is based on Fiora, albeit in her Mechon form. The third is based on Dunban, the fourth is based on Reyn, the fifth is based on Sharla, the sixth is based on Melia and the seventh is based on Riki. The 8th costume is him in his swim trunks. This is a reference to the swimsuit armor pieces and how useful they were in the game.


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