Shutter (G&W)

Shutter is a mode in Game & Wario in which Mona takes pictures of various characters in a scenario using the Wii U gamepad as a camera.


The initial concept is that Mona is a journalist trying to pick up her big scoops. Her Editor Joe gets tips and sends her to them.


The goal of the game is to take photos of five persons displayed at the bottom of the screen. The game is mainly controlled with the gamepad's gyroscope with its screen displaying a zoomed in view and the TV displays the current view. The player moves the gamepad aiming around the area on the TV looking for the persons. When the player finds a person, a snapshot can be taken with the A, R or ZR buttons and the right stick zooms in. In case the player is having difficulty finding the targets, the game offers hints by pressing down on the d-pad.

The quality of the picture taken affects the score at the end. Additionally, the player can take a picture of a Fronk for additional points. After taking pictures of all five subjects, the player has the option to proceed immediately to the result screen or stay around until the timer expires. There is a random chance that a coin appears after this; taking a photo of it gives one token for use in the Cluck-A-Pop. Getting a 100% rating on all targets will result in achieving the perfect status which rewards an additional token.


  • Snap the suspects!
  • Showcase the smiling stars!
  • Capture the ghosts!
  • Sniff out the stars!
  • Photograph the models!


  • An early version of Shutter was shown off in a Wii U demo reel with the system's announcement. It used a Zapper counterpart for the Gamepad and had the player find Miis instead of the citizens of Diamond City