Shy Guy's Perplex Express

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Shy Guy's Perplex Express
Series Mario Party
First game Mario Party 8
MP8 Perplex Express map
Shy Guy's Perplex Express is one of the 6 playable boards in Mario Party 8. It appears as a long train, with 6 different rooms. A star is accessed on the board by reaching the 6th room of the train and paying Shy Guy 20 coins. A secret location is also accessed on this board by landing on the right circle. The train will drop the player off at a stop with 7 paces to a star, all of which are covered with coins. The stage also features lots of obstacles and helpful feature. If a Bowser or Donkey Kong circle is landed on, the front of the train will change into a train-like version of the characters and if a player makes it there, they will either get a free star, or get a star taken away.

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