Series The Conduit
First game Conduit 2

Siberia is a location in Conduit 2. It's where Michael Ford finds Katarina.


Upon arrival in Siberia, a Free Drudge dropship is shot down and Ford meets the wounded Othu who asks him to help his fellow Free Drudge. Ford disables the anti-air turrets at the Siberian base and eliminates all The Trust men in the area. He then radios for help. ("Siberia Crash")

Ford enters the base in Siberia looking for Katarina. He battles his way through hordes of enemies before finding her strapped down in a containment chamber, dying.

Knowing Ford and Prometheus will do what they can to stop John Adams, Katarina succumbs to death and allows Ford to absorb her energy into the All-Seeing Eye. Ford then travels back outside where he escapes the base on a Free Drudge dropship. ("Siberia") A HAVOC Gunship pursues the dropship on their way out, so Ford has to shoot it down from the back of the dropship. Afterward, the Free Drudge fly Ford to the next Progenitor location. ("Siberia Escape")



Siberia is in fact a real-world location. It's a large region in northern Asia and is part of Russia.