Not to be confused with Fake Star.

A Silver Star as seen in Super Mario Galaxy.

Silver Stars are items appearing in the Mario series as types of stars. They first appear in Super Mario 64 DS and if five are collected, a Power Star will appear for Mario and the crew to collect.


Super Mario 64 DS

Silver Stars first appeared in Super Mario 64 DS being a new feature and they do not appear in the original. They are almost found in every course and the secret level, Sunshine Isles. If having one or more Silver Stars and being damaged, the player will lose a Silver Star and it will bounce around the course nonstop until it is collected again. On the Nintendo DS Touch Screen, it will locate where the Silver Stars are.

In the multiplayer mode, the Power Stars act in the same manner as Silver Stars do.

Super Mario Galaxy series

Silver Stars make their second appearance in Super Mario Galaxy and make their third and their latest appearance in Super Mario Galaxy 2 with the same feature as they did in Super Mario 64 DS, except Mario will not lose a Silver Star when attacked.



  • In the Super Mario Galaxy series when a Silver Star is collected it would make a same sound as a Luma would make.