Sine faller

Sine Faller (Sain Fora in Japanese) is the Blader enemy found in the Mega Man X1 and Mega Man X: Command Mission. Its close relative is the Jamminger.

Behavior of the Sine Faller

In Mega Man X1, Sine Fallers drop from the ceiling in Boomer Kuwanger's stage and the three Sigma stages. It retreats to the top of the screen if it hits Mega Man X. If X hits it before it's about to go down, it won't retreat to the top of the screen. Like the Jamminger, the Sine Faller is considered the most malicious Blader enemy. The best way to deal with Sine Fallers is to move to make him make move into the shape of an S and then shoot him.

Sine Fallers in Mega Man X: Command Mission

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