Six Medallions
Six Medallions

The Medallions,in the order Link recieves them.
Series The Legend of Zelda series
First game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
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The Six Medallions are quest items from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. These symbols of power, representing the elements of six of the Seven Sages, are given to the Hero of Time, Link, after he awakens a new Sage by eliminating the boss found in each Dungeon, excluding the Light Medallion, which is given by Rauru when Link is an adult. Princess Zelda, leader of the Sages, does not have a medallion.

The medallions are given to Link in the Chamber of Sages within the Temple of Light. The medallions serve no purpose in regular gameplay, and are collectively kept in the Quest Status Subscreens, surrounding an icon of the Triforce, serving as a reference to the number of Sages freed.

The Medallions' symbols reappear throughout Ocarina of Time, as they are visible in warp points for teleport songs, surrounding the Pedestal of Time, the pedestal where each Sage stands in the Chamber of Sages, as well as in the top of the barrier doors in Ganon's Castle.

The Light Medallion is the first medallion; the order for collecting the other five medallions is entirely personal, due to the fact that dungeons such as the Water Temple can be finished before the Fire Temple, or the Spirit Temple before the Shadow Temple. Also, by entering in a temple and acquiring the main item and, without finishing it, using the equipment to move on in other dungeons.

During the development of Ocarina of Time, the Six Medallions were early items for Link to use. Even a few pictures released at Nintendo Power magazine show Link with the Forest Medallion equipped as an item, but he is never seen using it.It is believed that they were replaced by the teleporting songs taught by Sheik

Rauru says "I Add my power to yours" because Medallions could be used for executing special spells, but it was later removed.

Abilities on an Early Beta

Light Medallion

A spell that heals 3 hearts.

Forest,Fire and Water Medallions

Their Abilities were the ones that Farore's Wind,Din's Fire and Nayru's Love do.

You can see it on the entrance to the Shadow Temple, the Pedestal where you need to use Din's Fire to light the torches has the Fire Medallion symbol on it. That's because originally the Fire Medallion was supposed to do what Din's Fire does on the final version.

Shadow Medallion

Increases Link Attack Power but causes him to lose health when he deals damage.

Spirit Medallion

Allows Link to become invisible and enemies can't detect him.

Additionally, hackers have found Japanese script for two abandoned items: Wind Medallion and Ice Medallion; in the normal gameplay they were replaced by Forest Medallion and Water Medallion respectively.