Skeleton Ghost

Skeleton Ghosts (or simply "Skeletons" in the strategy guide) are ghosts made of bones in Luigi's Mansion.


In the Boneyard, Spooky will bark and one named Mr. Bones will throw a bone, keeping the bad dog quiet. Luigi must avoid the bones and then vacuum Mr. Bones up and Luigi can battle Spooky.

It's a good idea to use any element to keep the Skeleton from throwing its bone, letting it cancel its attack.

In the Graveyard, Luigi has to fight a trio of Skeletons and after defeating them, Luigi will fight Bogmire.

In the Telephone Room, there are two Skeletons Luigi awakened from the chests and this is the only indoor room to feature them.

Luigi shouldn't underestimate the element meter when fighting as it could be a threat and they throw bones at him.


  • Unlike the Boo or Portrait Ghost, the Skeleton Ghost named Mr. Bones was the only normal ghost to have speaking lines.
  • The Skeleton Ghost throws a bone, like a Dry Bones does, but the Skeleton Ghost resembles a human skeleton, instead of a Koopa skeleton.

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