Ski (G&W)

Ski is a mode in Game & Wario, hosted by Jimmy T. In this mode, you guide Jimmy down the mountain.

Premise Edit

Jimmy T. is skiing down a hill. A Ski Bunny spots him and follows him. Soon, many Ski bunnies (and a bear) are skiing after Jimmy. Then, they all ski jump.

Gameplay Edit

The mode is pretty simple. The player holds the gamepad vertically and tilts it to turn Jimmy going down the mountain. The TV screen displays a full 3D view of the mode while the gamepad only shows a top-down view. The player has to make sure Jimmy doesn't crash or fall. There are speed boosts to accelerate and get better distance off jumps. The straighter Jimmy goes, the faster he accelerates.

In the time trials, the player has to make it through a course to the disco club as quickly as possible. Achieving the minimum time will unlock the next course with the fifth course unlocking Endless Bunny Slope. Additionally, achieving the gold medal time will unlock an additional token for the Cluck-A-Pop.

In the Endless Bunny Slope, Jimmy has to stay on the course as long as possible, avoiding pits and such. As Jimmy skis, he must gather as many Ski Bunnies along the path and reach the Disco Club checkpoints. The game ends if Jimmy falls off the edge at any time.

Stages Edit

  • Li'l Hill
  • Bump Canyon
  • Sunset Lake
  • Blizz Junction
  • Glittery Disco