Skull Hammer (The Wind Waker)

The Skull Hammer is an item in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker that Link obtained after defeating Phantom Ganon for the first time. The hammer can pound stakes into the ground, send out a shock wave to stun enemies, and smash Dark Chu Chus after they have turned to stone.The Skull Hammer has two primary uses. Its first use is for attacking enemies. Although it does a lot of damage, it takes a long time to use and the recoil disables Link's movement for a short while, thus making it less effective. Once the hammer strikes, it creates shockwaves that can damage enemies within a small radius, which can also stun enemies. The Skull Hammer can also be used in humorous ways as well; most enemies hit with the weapon are flattened and Miniblins can be sent flying through the air if hit by a horizontal swing.