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Developer(s) Sonic Powered
Publisher(s) Sonic Powered
Platform(s) 3DS platform icon
Genre(s) Side-scroller


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Skypeace is a simple side-scrolling game for the 3DS eShop released by Sonic Powered in 2014. It's like a scrolling shooter though missing the shooting part.


The gameplay is pretty simple. The D-Pad / Circle Pad controls the position of the player and all the player has to do is dodge the oncoming obstacles. The player constantly moves forward on his or her hoverboard. There is a special bell where the player speeds through the stage invincible and destroying the obstacles. The levels are relatively short though only lasting up to a couple minutes. The ranking system is based on how many gems the player collects as well as not getting harmed. There are also special objectives like the UFOs.

In addition, the game has a list of achievements based on completing various objectives like getting A ranks, not moving forward or back, getting the UFOs and more.


The game has reviewed tepidly scoring a 6/10 from Nintendolife.

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