Artwork of Skye.

Skye is the first female protagonist of the series Lost in Blue, which is a continuation of the retro game Survival Kids. Skye is quite a young teenager, she wears glasses but ends up loosing them after the tragedy. However, she meets a guy named Keith. Both help each other out survive with what they can.


Lost in Blue

Skye was riding on a ship, unfortunately a massive storm erupted. The storm ended up causing the ship to sink. However, Skye managed to survive because while the commotion was happening she got a hold of a life-raft.

Meanwhile Keith (after waking up) explore his surroundings, he also finds good shelter in a cave. A day passes, and Keith crosses a close by river where he finds Skye asleep next to her raft. After she wakes up the two protagonists meet for the first time, Skye tells Keith that she can't see well because she lost her glasses. He ends up breaking them while in the search for them, so Skye becomes depended on Keith to guide her around safely. Both make a home inside the cave, Skye decides to prepare meals for Keith and Keith in return gathers food and supplies. On occasions, when Keith needs help, he brings Skye along with him.

In one of his explorations, Keith finds some ancient ruins on the island. While crossing the ruins and making his way to the other end of it, he finds out that there are other people in the island. However, bursting his bubble he overhears a conversation between two men discussing their orders to kill any intruders. Keith gathers as much information he can, and goes back to Skye. After that they leave the island any possible way they can.