Slash Beast
Slash Beast

Series Mega Man X
Species Reploid
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Slash Beast is a reploid Maverick designed to resemble a lion in Mega Man X Collection. His attacks are similar to Slash Man.


Slash Beast will damage a character when he attacks on contact or he stomps. He'll also use his Twin Slasher at the character. When he dashes or wall smashes, hit does a great deal of damage. Roaring and guardiang don't damage him.


Slash Beast will begin to roar at Mega Man X, but it doesn't do any damage. He'll throw Twin Slashers and will jump at X. X must try to slide over him to avoid his landing. If he does a quick land, X must slide quickly under him. Beast will crash into walls and X must wall jump to avoid. Beast Will also attempt to pounce at X. Beast then repeats the pattern again.


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“You dared to attack my unit?! I'm gonna enjoy fighting you!”


  • Slash Beast and Dark Mantis are the only two Mavericks to have two seperate entrances.