"Slippa: Scaly, slithering snakes that like to live in oil drums."

Donkey Kong Country Manual, pg. 29

Slippas are snake enemies that are found in Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Land. They resemble Coral Snakes in coloring, and are commonly found in caves and mines throughout DK Island. They are speedy but weak enemies in Donkey Kong Country, that are easily defeated by any attack. In some levels, Slippas would endlessly leap out of Oil Barrels, until those Oil Barrels were destroyed. They will not jump out if someone is standing on their barrel, however. This seemingly endless supply of them inside the oil barrels indicates that they are very social creatures, unlike most real snakes.

In Donkey Kong Country, they hop out of oil barrels, but in Donkey Kong Land, there is an enemy that spawns them continuously.