Slobbers are the fifth types of Blotlings in Epic Mickey. They are considered to be the toughest Blotlings in the entire Epic Mickey franchise. They resemble Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas or the Cyclops from Hercules.


A Slobber is first introduced in Tomorrow City in the Great Big Tomorrow exhibit. The Slobber has three attacks:

  • Claws - If Mickey is too close to the Slobber, it will use its claws at him.
  • Paint and Thinner Spit - The Slobber will either shoot out Paint or Thinner. This attack must be avoided.
  • Inhale - The Slobber also will try to inhale Mickey. In order to stop this attack, Mickey must throw Paint or Thinner at its mouth.


  • It is a good idea to let the Slobber watch a TV Sketch during the final battle with the Shadow Blot when Mickey is fighting most of the Sweepers. This is nearly impossible to redeem all the Blotlings, because the Slobber will take two or three Tints. Otherwise, Mickey can use Thinner to melt it.

Notable Slobbers

  • Deloris the Slobber - The first Slobber that Mickey meets in Epic Mickey: The Power of Two.


  • The Slobber that Mickey meets in Tomorrow City drops different chests. If it gets erased, Mickey receives a Gold Pin. If it gets redeemed, Mickey receives Goofy's Torso. They cannot be received in one run as well with other things in the game.

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