The in-game sprite.
Series Robot Series
Species Bug
Related Species Spike, Flipper
First game Gyromite

Smick is a "Bug" in the game Gyromite. Smicks will bite at Professor Hector and Professor Vector.


Smicks look like small, green, bird-like creature with beige feet, blue arms, blue eyes, spines, a small tail, and a large beige beak. They are slightly shorter than the professors.


Smicks aimlessly wander and patrol Professor Hector's lab. They can climb ropes and move just like either professor, although they move much slower, likely to make up for the R.O.B.'s slow movement. Smicks will bite any players that touch them, immediately causing them to lose a life. Smicks can be defeated by dropping a pillar on them, and they can also be distracted by laying down turnips in front of them.

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