Smoky Progg
Smoky Prog
Series Pikmin
First game Pikmin 1
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The Smoky Progg is a monster in the Pikmin. He appears in the Distant Spring stage in Pikmin and does not reappear in Pikmin 2.

Any Pikmin can be used to defeat this foe, as it heads directly to the player's base. They first are encountered when coming out of a giant egg. This foe loses a little bit of damage in the process. Then, a Smoky Progg comes out. If its smoky trail catches a Pikmin, the Pikmin become defeated. Olimar has to throw them on its head, so the Pikmin does damage to the foe. As the back is entirely gaseous, it defeats Pikmin when they even go to the area. When this foe is defeated, it drops a pearl which can be carried back to the onion to harvest one hundred Pikmin total.

This monster is a baby Mamuta which is not related in appearance to the Smoky Progg. Mamutas plant the Pikmin, then the Smoky Progg comes and defeats them.


Reel notesEdit

"Thought to be a malformed larval Mamuta."

Guide BookEdit

This is information shown in the Guide book:

"Some say that this is a larval version of Mamuta that was unable to complete the transformation. But, as with Mamuta, the Piku-Lord is shrouded in mystery."

Ship LogEdit

"This hideous beast comes from a strange, hard egg. Its mollusc-like body is wrapped in an unpleasant gas that suffocates any Pikmin that inhales it. Attacking its head is successful, but it's best to eliminate in egg form."


  • Out of all the enemies in the Pikmin series, Smoky Progg breeds the most if its pearl is carried back to the onion, making a hundred newborns.