Snagret Hole is a cave in Pikmin 2.


The cave is guarded by a Burrowing Snagret. Olimar, Louie or the President must defeat or avoid the snagret. When they enter the cave, they are in Sublevel 1.

Sublevel 1

To get to the Orange Bulborb, the pilots must destroy or avoid the Sheargrubs and attack the Bulborb by punching it or tossing Purple Pikmin at it. The treasures are Crystallized Telekinesis (in the Bulborb) and Leviathan Feather.

Sublevel 2

There are smooth rocks and one way wooden barriers. The pilots must destroy the Sheargrubs and Burrow-nits and the Chrysanthemums. There are also Mitites in this sublevel when the pilots destroy an egg shell. The treasures are Combustion Berry and Taste Sensation.

Sublevel 3

This sublevel has two Burrowing Snagrets. The pilots must find the delicious Meat Satchel. If a Snagret doesn't have it, they must destroy it or avoid it. The pilots can destroy more than one Snagret, but all they have to do is to avoid or destroy the Snitchbugs. There are also Mitites here. Only one treasure is the Meat Satchel (in a Snagret).

Sublevel 4

There is electricity and a pair of Cannon Beetle Larvae. Once the Yellows are setting off the electricity, the pilots must keep them away from the Watery Blowhogs, Cannon Beetles and Dwarf Orange Bulborbs. There are also Mitites in this level. The treasures are Heavy-duty Magnetizer (from a Cannon Beetle), Cupid's Grenade and Crystallized Telepathy.

Note: This is the only Awakening Wood level to have Cannon Beetles.

Sublevel 5

Bulborbs rule this level and one of them have the Crystallized Clairvoyance. There is an Antenna Beetle who has the Emperor Whistle. There are also Mitites here. The treasures are Emperor Whistle (from the Antenna Beetle) and Crystallized Clairvoyance (from a Bulborb)

Sublevel 6

This level is the return of the Antenna Beetle. This is a mazelike level. There are only two Burrowing Snagrets, if one doesn't have a treasure, the pilots must avoid it or destroy it. The Bulborb has a treasure. The treasures are Stupendous Lens (from the Bulborb), Science Project, Salivatrix and the Triple Sugar Threat (from a Snagret).

Final Floor

The boss is the Pileated Snagret. This is similar to the Burrowing Snagret fight, but this Snagret hops. The pilots must toss their Pikmin at its noggin. It's best to use the Purple Pikmin. Some of these egg shells have Mitites. The treasure is the Justice Alloy. This unlocks the Metal Suit Z kit and the pilots will take less damage.