Snavian Family

The Snavian Family

The Snavian family is a family of enemies that appear in the Pikmin series. They are found in Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 2 for the Nintendo GameCube, their New Play Control version for the Wii and Pikmin 3 for the Wii U. This family is a big tough family made of two boss monsters, the Burrowing Snagret and the Pileated Snagret. These are bird like monsters that eat Pikmin. In Pikmin 1 they are found in the The Forest of Hope. In Pikmin 2, the best place to find these is a cave called Snagret Hole and both species are found there and Hole of Heroes on the fourth sublevel. In Pikmin 3 a Burrowing Snagret is found in the Twilight River where it acts as a mini boss.

Burrowing Snagret/Shiropedes anacondii

Pikmin3 Burrowing Snarget

A Burrowing Snagret

The Burrowing Snagret is an enemy that hides underground, waiting to burst out when Pikmin or the Captains approach. They are able to quickly eat up Pikmin on the ground with their beaks. Although the Snagret's whole body is vulnerable, it will sustains more damage when its head is attacked. In Pikmin 1 they explose when defeated, leaving only Pellets behind. In Pikmin 2, the Burrowing Snagrets' heads remain. In Pikmin 3, they act slightly different than in the first two games. If a Snagret misses when trying to peck Pikmin, its head will get stuck in the ground, this can be used as an opportunity to swarm the beast. Additionally, instead of exploding, the Snagret's corpse will stays intact after its death.

Pileated Snagret/Shiropedes ambulatria

One foot foot snagret

A Pileated Snagret

The Pileated Snagret is a larger, species of the Snavian family. It has a green, scaly body, and an orange head. The Pileated Snagret behaves much like the Burrowing Snagret, but it is able to completely emerge from the ground and hop around on its one clawed foot. This means it can chase its prey, and makes its head harder to reach due to the hight. It only appear in Pikmin 2.