These are Snivy's moveset(s).

By Leveling Up

Level Move Type Category

Start Tackle NormalNormal PhysicalPhysical
4 Leer NormalNormal StatusStatus
7 Vine Whip GrassGrass PhysicalPhysical
10 Wrap NormalNormal PhysicalPhysical
13 Growth NormalNormal StatusStatus
16 Leaf Tornado GrassGrass SpecialSpecial
19 Leech Seed GrassGrass StatusStatus
22 Mega Drain GrassGrass SpecialSpecial
25 Slam NormalNormal PhysicalPhysical
28 Leaf Blade GrassGrass PhysicalPhysical
31 Coil PoisonPoison StatusStatus
34 Giga Drain GrassGrass SpecialSpecial
37 Wring Out NormalNormal SpecialSpecial
40 Gastro Acid PoisonPoison StatusStatus
43 Leaf Storm GrassGrass SpecialSpecial


TM / HM Move Type Category
Psychic TM TM04 Calm Mind PsychicPsychic StatusStatus
Poison TM TM06 Toxic PoisonPoison StatusStatus
Normal TM TM10 Hidden Power NormalNormal SpecialSpecial
Fire TM TM11 Sunny Day FireFire StatusStatus
Dark TM TM12 Taunt DarkDark StatusStatus
Psychic TM TM16 Light Screen PsychicPsychic StatusStatus
Normal TM TM17 Protect NormalNormal StatusStatus
Normal TM TM20 Safeguard NormalNormal StatusStatus
Normal TM TM21 Frustration NormalNormal PhysicalPhysical
Grass TM TM22 Solar Beam GrassGrass SpecialSpecial
Normal TM TM27 Return NormalNormal PhysicalPhysical
Normal TM TM32 Double Team NormalNormal StatusStatus
Psychic TM TM33 Reflect PsychicPsychic StatusStatus
Flying TM TM40 Aerial Ace FlyingFlying PhysicalPhysical
Dark TM TM41 Torment DarkDark StatusStatus
Normal TM TM42 Facade NormalNormal PhysicalPhysical
Psychic TM TM44 Rest PsychicPsychic StatusStatus
Normal TM TM45 Attract NormalNormal StatusStatus
Normal TM TM48 Round NormalNormal SpecialSpecial
Grass TM TM53 Energy Ball GrassGrass SpecialSpecial
Normal TM TM70 Flash NormalNormal StatusStatus
Normal TM TM75 Swords Dance NormalNormal StatusStatus
Grass TM TM86 Grass Knot GrassGrass SpecialSpecial
Normal TM TM87 Swagger NormalNormal StatusStatus
Normal TM TM90 Substitute NormalNormal StatusStatus

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