Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) NA June 5, 1983 (TT)
NA August 30, 1983 (P)
Platform(s) Game & Watch
Genre(s) Action
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Snoopy is a Tabletop and Panorama Game & Watch video game released in June of 1983 by Nintendo. The game's model number was SM-73 and SM-91 for the Tabletop and Panorama version, respectively. It is unknown how many units the Tabletop version sold, though Nintendo manufactured an estimated 250,000 versions of the Panorama game. The contents within the Panorama game included the unit, LR44 batteries, a caution leaflet, and battery stickers. CGL and Futuretronics versions of the game were also released. In both games, you're required to hit the musical notes when they arrive in the appropriate position.

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