Snowmads were a band of arctic vikings formed by the Waldoughs and are the main antagonists during the events of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.


Led by Lord Fredrik, the Snowmads goal is expand the group conquering lands and manipulating peoples to take part. This tribe was formed by Waldoughs group, but Tucks, Fluffs become part of band as servants, most Hootzes become part of Snowmads when their leader Skowl is influenced by this tribe and Lemmingtons becoming obstacles in climbs.

The commons species minions of Snowmads wear green striped shorts (except Fluffs and Lemmingtons), but others members these species wear other customs and different features incluing: helmets, horned helmets, wristbands, diferent striped pants, suspenders, shoulder pads, belts and buckles with Snowmad emblems.

The Snowmad weapons are stereotypical Viking-themed and arctic too, for example: Shields, Blowing horns, fishs, arrows and spears with fish skeletons.

After Donkey Kong Island to be taken by Snowmads expelling 5 Kongs of homeworld, the Snowmads is defeated for Kong Family unseating from its control over the islands, but the Snowmads fall is established for complete during the final battle with Fredrik in Donkey Kong Island and the Snowmads were punished for in Secret Reclusion.




  • The name is a portmanteau of Snow and Nomad.